Bunsho-gura, Document storehouse

The document storehouse seems to have existed since the establishment of the kaisho, but the current storehouse is that was restored to the state as it was around 1802.
Many documents related to the development and management of shinden were stored here. The entrance to this storehouse was originally located on the north side, but relocated to the east when the rice storehouse was rebuilt.






분쇼쿠라는 카이쇼(집회소)개설 당시부터 있었다고 생각되지만 현재의 건물은 쿄와2년(1802)경의 상태로 복원된 건물이다.
내부에는 신덴의 개발과 경영에 관한 많은 문서등을 보관하였다.분쇼쿠라(문서창고) 입구는 원래 북쪽에 위치했지만 쌀창고가 지어졌을 때 동쪽으로 이동되었다.